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Maja (pronounced Mia)Lisa loves singing,music,and teaching. Her teaching style is unique in that she incorporates breathing and facial expressions and tongue placement to achieve the best sound for you. Then Maja Lisa finds the best way to showcase your voice. with her fantastic knowledge of music theory and her performance background you cound'nt find anyone else as qualified to take you on your musical journey .

eliot levin

"Maja is preparing me to do open mics in Philadelphia. I have been a student for about a year and Maja has helped me find my voice and confidence. I live by the Jersey Shore and look forward to her classes every week. She is amazing" Mark Mozart Brick NJ

Mark Mozart

Current Student of Maja Lisa

"By the end of my first lesson, Maja Lisa had me breathing better and rethinking a lot of what I had fallen in the habit of doing. In about a month, I felt confident and prepared for an audition in which I had to sing an Italian aria, something very outside of my comfort zone. Her instruction and techniques are easy to understand and pick up and she was able to quickly and accurately help me pick an audition song that I could conquer where others and I had struggled to choose one before. I'll definitely be returning to Maja Lisa for more instruction!"


Maja Lisa is the most talented patient voice teacher I have ever had. She had helped me work through my fears of singing and been so patient with me as I have muddled through finding my voice again after a long absence from singing. She has been such an encourager and truly a gifted teacher. I look forward to every lesson as she gently guided me back into my voice. I call her voice lessons ..Singing for the soul! I feel so amazing after each lesson. I am more confident in my vocal skills then ever before her! I feel like I have finally found the best voice teacher. Couldn't recommend her more highly. I am truly blessed to have found her. Lucky me!


I came to Maja Lisa's studio having already made my professional stage debut in 2012?but my voice was lacking refinement and I knew I needed help. Maja Lisa turned out to be a perfect fit. As a teacher, she has an uncommon depth of knowledge of the singing voice. In addition, she is intuitive and savvy when it comes to choosing the correct rep for my voice type. She is always willing to try new methods and is willing to go as fast or as slow as I need to. She is always conscientious, considerate and professional. Her knowledgeable and educated insight into opera specifically has made her the ideal choice for me as a pre/semi-professional singer, she is not only exceptional as a teacher but also knows the business inside and out. Studying with Maja Lisa has been the best decision I have made in my professional career so far and I look forward to continuing my studies with her.


Majalisa is a dedicated teacher who consistently encourages my daughter to improve beyond her comfort zone. Majalisa's instruction has prepared my daughter for the challenge of competition and live performance.Quotes


Satisfied Mom

I strongly recommend Maja Lisa as a voice instructor - even if you don't think you can't sing! Two years ago I had absolutely no singing experience and was looking for someone to "help me sing like frank Sinatra". I work a full-time job, and Maja Lisa has helped me balance my vocal aspirations with the rest of my life. I imagine lessons are different for each person, but I'll describe my own experience. I meet once a week for an hour lesson that begins with warm ups and moves on to songs I'm interested in. Maja Lisa is constantly providing positive feedback to help improve my technique, and provides tips that make sense to a layman who hasn't studied voice.


Maja Lisa has guided me through so many obstacles the past two years. I've improved so much with her patience and her dedication towards improving my vocals. Thank you so much Maja Lisa.


Maja Lisa was able to very effectively take young singers of varying ability levels to much higher stages of vocal production in a very short amount of time.

Justin Sands

choir teacher

MajaLisa identifies weaknesses in the voice and helps you to improve based on your individual needs. I noticed a considerable amount of progress in my voice through taking lessons from her. She is also very friendly and encouraging.

Bethany Peterson

former student

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