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How to find a good private music instructor

How to find a private teacher (as a parent or adult student)

1. Check out the location. Is it clean, orderly, feel comfortable, easy to find and accessible?

2. Does the teacher teach enough technique and scales along with repertoire?

3. Teacher should be kind, fair, understanding and calm. Make sure they are able to focus during the lesson.

4. Meet the teacher by taking a sample lesson.

5. Criticisms / feedback should be fair, constructive and concise.

6. Teacher should be able to demonstrate with instrument and show the student how to fix a mistake.

7. Lessons should be challenging.

8. Teacher is able to communicate well with student and parent.

9. May wish to ask for references. Recommendations are an excellent way to find a teacher.

10. The lesson cost and teacher’s bio does not always reflect their ability to teach.

11. Are there recitals / performances?

12. Are there any extra costs?

13. Beware of teachers with an air of arrogance.

14. What is their teaching schedule?

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