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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons can help you:

  • Build a healthy vocal technique

  • Learn how to project your voice

  • Use proper breath support

  • Increase vocal range

  • Sing with ease and clarity

  • Learn how to express and interpret songs

  • Gain confidence

Vocal lessons will include:

  • Vocal scales and exercises

  • Improving the quality of your voice

  • Expanding your range

  • Connecting with songs emotionally

  • Using breath correctly

  • Stage presence

What else I offer:

  • Ear training

  • Theory classes

  • Audition preparation

  • recording technology available

  • coaching for auditions

  • yearly recital for my students

I offer private voice lessons in my home studio in Glenside off Church road serving the Glenside and greater Philadelphia area. Or students can have virtual lessons via Zoom.

If you are interested call 215-316-6008 or email

Teaching Philosophy

I love singing and through my teaching I hope to instill a love of music and singing in each of my students. My goal is to help student sing to the best of their ability by learning healthy technique. I think with focus and dedication on my part and the part of the individual student much progress can be made. My goal is to install in each student the abilities to sing beautifully and interpret and express each song they sing for any level of student or style of singing. I love being able to share the passion I have for performing and teaching to each individual I teach. Maja Lisa is also a voice teacher at Muhlenberg College.

Hello from Maja Lisa

Maja Lisa voice studio award

Voice Studio 

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